Bushkill Township Invasive Species Management Project

Bushkill Township Invasive Species Management Project

Principal Investigator: Jason E. Smith, Hanover Engineering Associates, Inc.

Years Funded: 2013-2014

Project Description:
The development of an action plan is a vital step in effectively controlling invasive species. This project produced an invasive species management plan for Bushkill Township in Pennsylvania, as well as an internet application identifying and mapping new invasive species infestations. The internet application was created as a template so that others may easily reproduce for their municipalities. Environmental education components, including a newsletter article and social media presence were also developed within this project. Data collection, including GPS, GIS, and field data, was completed by a student at Lafayette College, while the management plan, environmental education components, and internet application were created by a sub-contractor.

The mobile application and the developed handbook will help to educate Bushkill Township residents about our harmful invasive plant species, as well as provide advice on how to treat problems on their own properties. Both tools can be used by other Pennsylvania municipalities, as well as other entities, to map invasive species and then encourage responsible landowner treatment of targeted invasive species. Materials generated as part of the project will help the layperson in identification, mapping, management, and treatment of invasive species. The mobile application will help to engage those who are regularly using mobile devices as part of everyday life, not only be providing a data input platform but also by providing concise information on targeted species while in the field.

Publications: Bushkill Township Invasive Species Management Program Handbook. December 2014. Prepared by Hanover Engineering.

Photo: Expansion of Japanese Knotweed (Polygonum cuspidatum) in eastern West Virginia. Credit: U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service