Funding Opportunities

Funding Opportunities
2024 Request for Proposals

The Mid-Atlantic Panel on Aquatic Invasive Species (MAPAIS) is offering a small grants competition to encourage interested groups and individuals to submit proposals for possible funding.

Download the full solicitation.

Important Due Dates

Proposals must be submitted as one PDF file to by March 29, 2024 at 5:00 pm ET. Proposals not adhering to the solicitation guidance will be returned without review.

Program Synopsis

In 2024, MAPAIS is offering a small grants competition and encourages interested groups and individuals to submit proposals for possible funding. This announcement lists MAPAIS priorities and provides information about the format and timetable for submitting proposals. We encourage broad participation from groups and individuals concerned about AIS issues in the mid-Atlantic region. A proposal submission must address an AIS problem.

Program priorities: The following elements are of high priority to the MAPAIS and should be considered in the preparation of proposals:

  • Activities that will increase public understanding of and compliance with the prevention and control of AIS
  • Clear description of proposed actions, products, and other deliverables
  • Relevance to the mission and priorities of MAPAIS
  • Regional significance
  • Leveraging of other funding sources

The MAPAIS membership identified the following activities as high priorities for 2024. This is not an exclusive list, and it is in no particular order. Projects that address other AIS management topics will also be considered

  • Develop outreach and educational materials for classrooms and specific populations (K-Gray) to prevent the introduction and spread of AIS.
  • Conduct research on AIS issues in the region such as prevention, early detection, rapid response, emerging invasions, and how climate change may influence AIS.
  • Conduct innovative approaches to AIS control/eradication, or control/eradicate a high priority AIS population.
  • Continue to develop vector management strategies for states and the region.
  • Encourage states to develop and implement AIS management plans meeting the standards set by the Aquatic Nuisance Species Task Force

Eligibility and Proposal Process

Any individuals in state or local agencies, institutions of higher education, commercial or non-profit organizations, professional, lake, landowner, watershed, tribes, and international organizations are eligible for funding as investigators or cooperators.

Selection Process
  • All proposals will be screened to determine eligibility and whether projects address program priorities.
  • All proposals will be reviewed by expert reviewers, which may include MAPAIS members or other experts in the field.
  • Proposals will be evaluated and ranked according to:
    • Technical merit and feasibility
    • Relevance to MAPAIS mission and priorities
    • Outreach and impact potential
    • Applicants’ knowledge of the field and previous contributions
  • At the spring/summer MAPAIS meeting, the Panel will assess and revise the rankings as appropriate.
  • Projects will be selected based on available funds, requested funding support, technical ranking, and MAPAIS priorities.
  • Announcement of awards is expected by July 2024.
  • Projects selected for funding will be required to work with the Fiscal Agent to complete final budget sheets and budget justifications following funding guidance from MAPAIS.


Before submitting a proposal, applicants are encouraged to discuss proposals with their respective MAPAIS state representative.

Photo: Rusty Crayfish (Orconectes rusticus) Credit: Jay Kilian, MD DNR