Upcoming Meeting

Upcoming Meeting


Dear MAPAIS members and friends:

As you are aware, the spring 2017 ANSTF meeting was cancelled because of ongoing federal review of all FACA committees. Due to expanded Department of Interior review of interagency committee and advisory body charters and charges, and concerns regarding commitment of resources for meetings of such committees during that review, we must cancel our scheduled MAPAIS/NEANSP meeting planned for 13-14 June in New York. After consideration of all options, we felt it inappropriate to ask Panel members to irretrievably commit time and financial resources of their respective institutions and states to a meeting that may not be permitted to convene, at least until September 2017.

We (MAPAIS and NEANSP) are committed to continuing our work, and to holding our joint meeting as soon as possible but, given these circumstances, we must put that event on hold for now.
This is a fast-moving story, and we will keep you updated as we learn more from our local, state, and federal partners across the country. I apologize for having to bear this news, but promise to keep you advised of circumstances as we move forward.

We have asked for guidance from ANSTF regarding MAPAIS holding of a webinar or conference call to at least facilitate review of the small–grant proposals we have received for next year. Again, we will keep you advised as we learn more.

Here is a link to a related recent article from the Washington Post. https://www.washingtonpost.com/news/energy-environment/wp/2017/05/07/epa-dismisses-half-of-its-scientific-advisers-on-key-board-citing-clean-break-with-obama-administration/

Thanks, and keep up the good fight.